March 31, 2023

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Recruitment Firm

When an organization is seeking to find the ideal candidate to fill a vacant role within their company, there are numerous factors to take into account. Finding someone with the right education and background are the immediate considerations that spring to mind, but there are several more qualities and considerations that factor into facilitating placement.

Other determinants are also critical to ensuring an employee is the right person for the job. These elements include: compatibility within the corporate culture; genuine passion and commitment to productivity; communication savvy; an aptitude towards collaboration and teamwork; proven track record of successes; problem-solving and conflict resolution skills and, a high EQ – or emotional intelligence quotient – that lends traits of perceptiveness and curiosity; cooperativeness and humility; independence; discipline and self-control; and resilience.

The right search process, conducted by the right firm, will identify and place an employee whose compatibility attributes meet all of those criteria and whose addition to a company ultimately results in effectiveness, job satisfaction, growth, and longevity for both the employee and the organization.

Through the fusion of deep industry-specific knowledge, years of experience in identifying work traits complementary to individual professional roles and corporate cultures, JK Executive Strategies has developed a robust and proven search process. This proven process acknowledges and addresses all qualifications and compatibility considerations, and ensures that the hiring process runs smoothly, quickly, and cost effectively, allowing employers to focus on the business of doing their business, while expediting and optimizing the search for the best talent for their organization.

JK leverages their business, industry, and talent expertise to transform workplaces, create long-term, synergistic partnerships and ultimately find, evaluate, and place the ideal candidates within the vast array of organizations and industries we serve. As a result, we have a 98% placement success rate over the past five years.

The top five reasons that premiere organizations choose to work with JK Executive Strategies are as follows:

1.    Expedited Hiring Process

JK Executive Strategies are the Subject Matter Experts in hiring. Each of our highly skilled recruiting professionals are specialists in their fields and are able to focus on the unique requirements of the industries we serve. We seamlessly operate as an extension of the client and their organization, leveraging accessibility to a vast candidate network and offering a defined, streamlined suite of talent acquisition tools that make the hiring process exponentially more swift and more efficient. All the preliminary burdens of talent search, evaluation, recruiting, scheduling, and reference coordination are alleviated, and the organization can confidently anticipate a carefully curated group of candidates from which to select the employee who is just the right fit.

2.    Saves Time and Money

Time is money, period. The hiring cycle is extremely time-consuming and requires copious hours to find the right talent. JK’s experts have cultivated large application pools of highly skilled prospects, reducing the recruiting cycle substantially. While there is a cost associated with hiring through a recruitment firm, it is offset by the savings of averting internal data mining hours to conduct the talent search, scouring through applications, conducting preliminary screenings, interviews, talent assessments, and gathering and contacting references for qualified candidates. JK’s experts expediently narrow the talent pool down to a short list of the most highly qualified candidates, best suited to the role. By swiftly and effectively filling vacancies, an organization can increase its overall efficiency, maintain and boost internal/existing employee morale, and allow existing staff to focus on their business at hand.

3.    Vet Highly Qualified Candidates

A well-skilled recruitment agency will ensure that the time and organization’s managers spend selecting applicants is spent choosing between the ones worth hiring. JK’s team of recruitment professionals specialize in specific industries, and they immerse themselves in the details of hiring for your organization’s business. It doesn’t end there. Beyond the scheduling of interviews and screening of applicants, the firm also manages time-consuming administration issues including communication with selected candidates, and the critical verification of applicants’ information, references, certifications, and qualifications.

4.    Reduce Hiring Risks

Every organization takes calculated risks to ensure its success. The key is to minimize and mitigate the potential for negative consequences of those risks. JK supports their business partners through customized tools and services that reduce the risks inherent to hiring and human resource management. Some of the risks that the JK team can help you avert include:

·        Bad Hires: Hiring through JK allows organizations to transfer the cumbersome legwork of data-mining applications, pre-screening piles of candidate applications, alignment of qualifications and credentials, and checking references. This helps to ensure from the start that the candidates placed in the role are a proper choice as it pertains to qualifications and fits within the organizational culture.

·        Churn & Turnover Avoidance: JK’s process of fully understanding clients’ industries and needs for each role helps to ascertain parity between candidates and the groups they’re working within. Employees who feel confident in their abilities to perform their jobs and comfortable within the environment where they work feel a higher sense of morale and are less likely to become dissatisfied with their position and seek alternate employment.

·        Legal & Compliance: By hiring through a recruitment firm, organizations are able to help ensure that non-discriminatory hiring practices are followed, and candidates feel poised for success.

·        Candidate Management: Our firm has the skills, the data, and the proper technology to take on the burden of managing candidate data and maintaining constant and consistent communication with top target candidates. This reduces the risk of losing a fantastic employee due to rushed hiring processes or the inability to expediently respond to inquiries. We also handle salary negotiations and are keenly aware of how to manage competing offers and counteroffers for our candidates.

5.    Expert Market Knowledge

It might surprise you to know that between 40 and 60% of new hires by in-house recruiters fail within the first two years. 50% of new Executive internal hires also fail within the first 18 months. Business owners, CEOs, and hiring managers might know some of the qualities they need in an ideal candidate. However, they may not know where to find those candidates, or how to communicate their preferences and requirements. At JK Executive Strategies, our recruitment professionals average over ten years’ expertise in the fields within which they recruit. Equally important is that we are active in, give back to, and network within the grassroots communities that we serve. Our intimate knowledge of our communities, industries, and the needs of every one of our clients is what allows us to consistently inspire workforce synergy through empowered leadership and exceptional talent.

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