September 22, 2021

Now Hiring: Are You Prepared for the Fall Job Search Surge?

By: Eileen Messana, VP of Operations

Fall is upon us, which means leaves are changing, temperatures are cooling, and hiring activities are at their peak. Studies show that autumn is the last season of the year to take advantage of an increased number of job searchers seeking open opportunities, and with September 2021 marking the end of enhanced unemployment benefits, we anticipate an even more dramatic hiring spike as we head into October.

Additionally, after a busy summer for travel, hiring managers are returning to their desk with more time to focus on finding new candidates, and parents have more time to actively look for opportunities with their kids back in school. This means more job postings and more job searchers, leading to elevated competition amongst hiring companies AND qualified candidates.

However, the good news is there are steps you can take to ensure you attract the right talent in a competitive marketplace. Below outlines the top three ways leaders can be prepared to make the most of the fall hiring surge.

1. Seek Expert Help

Hiring is a huge internal undertaking, especially during busy periods for business. If you’re seeking skilled workers, especially for hard to fill positions, using a staffing agency focused on candidate quality, not quantity, can make the hiring process more efficient and significantly less stressful.

Additionally, during these busy periods for job searching, companies must do more than rely on what we call the “post and pray” job listing method to attract the right fit. Staffing agencies dedicate time and resources to identify and seek out candidates that are the right skill set and culture matches, meaning leaders can spend less time interviewing and engaging with underqualified candidates.


2. Stay Competitive

More than ever before, job seekers are seeking flexibility. After a year of working remote, many have grown accustomed to less rigid work schedules that allow for more time to spend with loved ones. Leaders should adjust their offers and culture accordingly to stay competitive in an active job market.


This can include anything from adopting a better benefits package, raising salaries, and a willingness to train less experienced candidates with the skills needed to succeed in a role.  These changes can significantly increase the number of qualified candidates you attract for a position – meaning more options to choose the right fit.  


3. Be Selective

With more job seekers looking for work, it can lead to an increased number of applications from unqualified candidates casting a wide net. Regardless of your need to fill empty cubicles, making the wrong hire is often more straining on a business than not making a hire at all.


Leaders and hiring managers should analyze all resumes carefully for experience that aligns with the job description and read cover letters thoroughly to separate generic ones from those that demonstrate a real interest in the specific company or industry. Additionally, although it seems basic, scanning for spelling and grammar errors is important in determining if a candidate is competent and detail oriented.


Most importantly, when you do find the right fit, make an offer in a timely manner. You don’t want to lose a great candidate to another opportunity due to an extensive interview process or a lack of responsiveness.


While the hiring spike of the fall can be an intimidating time to get your listing out there, it’s important to remember that there’s never a “good time” to hire and hopping on the autumn interviewing train can ensure you don’t miss out on top talent.  

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