May 8, 2024

Executive Search and Recruiting Firm JK Executive Strategies Connects Businesses and Nonprofits With High-Performing Talent Through a Transparent Hiring Process and Strategic Guidance

Successfully filling a corporate leadership position requires a candidate who not only has the experience and expertise outlined in the job description, but also a personality that aligns with the organization’s team and values.  It’s their transparent process and deep understanding of what makes each client attractive to job candidates, especially those not actively searching for a new job, that makes JK Exec unique.  

“It’s important for us to understand a client’s culture, core values, and work life, says Jill Knittel, JK Exec’s President and CEO. “We do as much work upfront as we can, so we understand the company and chemistry of the team. We share the pros and cons with candidates so there aren’t any surprises weeks into employment.”

By getting to know leadership’s vision and values, JK Exec serves as an extension to their clients’ teams, gaining strategic guidance for the recruiting process.

“When we meet with a management team, we ask them to consider the positions they need to hire now and what they’ll need in the future,” says Knittel. “We help clients form growth strategies, which include succession plans for all roles, to build a bench of talent to fill future positions.”

The (Hidden) Power of Diversity

Equally as important as finding a candidate who aligns with a company’s existing culture is finding someone who can share new perspectives to unlock pathways to greater success.

“There’s diversity in thought that comes along with diverse candidates,” Knittel explains. “They may not think, act, look, or talk like the former employee in that position, but they will likely bring a different way of thinking that can challenge the status quo and help the company grow. Our goal is to make it a tough decision for hiring managers to select a final candidate by presenting a strong slate of candidates with diverse experiences.” She knows that businesses and communities are stronger when people of all backgrounds have a place at the table. “As a national- and state-certified woman-owned business enterprise, I feel it’s important to ask clients tough questions before we embark on a search. For example, if the job description states that an MBA is required, do the candidates really need an MBA, or is it ‘nice to have’? Will the company value candidates with an MBA over those who have 20 years of real-life, hands-on experience? Mirror image replicas of those previously in the position do not guarantee that what got your company to where it is today will get you where you want to be in the future,” says Knittel. “The better we do at bringing in exceptional talent to grow our clients’ businesses, the more we grow, and the more the Buffalo business community thrives.”

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