June 22, 2020

Tools and Resources to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

We curated this content for our clients because we believe that diversity makes an organization stronger. We are committed to listening and engaging in action and supporting our clients who choose to do the same. We are focused on a more inclusive and justified world and remain dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and in the communities we serve.

Below is JK Executive Strategies top 3 diversity and inclusion resources to review right now.

1) Ted Talk: The urgency of intersectionality by Kimberlé Crenshaw:    


This tool is designed for a variety of group dynamics and settings and is great team building exercise focused on building stronger interpersonal connections through vulnerability and openness. Watch the video (see link) and then fill out the intersectionality worksheet. The goal of this exercise is to build empathy and trust.  

Through this exercise, participants will explore the identities of others, which break down walls and open perspective. The exercise is most effective  when the facilitator creates a climate conducive for genuine sharing and intimacy- Think safe space.

We suggest the facilitator fill out their worksheet ahead of time and share first, leading by example. This will set the tone for the rest of the group.

JK Executive Strategies recommends this exercise as it can be facilitated without extensive training.

Be sure to share outcomes of the experience with us by commenting below!

Click on the Identities Circle Worksheet Button below.

2) SHRM: How to Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative


Different perspectives spark creativity and enhance innovation. Developing a diversity and inclusion initiative involves four main phases:

  1. Data collection and analysis to determine the need for change.
  2. Strategy design to match business objectives.
  3. Implementation of the initiative.
  4. Evaluation and continuing audit of the plan.

This article will provide a nine step break down of these main phases into action steps employers can take to develop a diversity and inclusion initiative.

3) SHRM: 6 Steps for Building an Inclusive Workplace


In this SHRM article, you’ll find six practical strategies for creating an inclusive environment.

“To get workplace diversity and inclusion right, you need to build a culture where everyone feels valued and heard.” Kathy Gurchiek

When employees who are different from their colleagues are allowed to flourish, the company benefits from their ideas, skills and engagement.


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