June 11, 2019

Getting Interviews - Not Closing the Deal

Always a Bridesmaid in Job Interviews and Not Getting the Offer?

It’s always frustrating during the job interview process to successfully jump over the initial hurdles, only to be met with silence instead of getting an actual offer.

Whenever I hear a client describing this situation, this tells me that:

  1. The resume is working
  2. They’re getting through the initial screener interview on the phone.
  3. They’re passing the first round of in-person interviews,
  4. But when it comes down to the company selecting between them and someone else… it’s never them.

This means that the client needs to focus on fixing this last phase of the process since that’s where they’re getting hung up. The resume isn’t the problem, but the approach to this fourth phase is the challenge.

On the employer’s side, they like a candidate, and can see on their resume that they have the qualifications to do the job, but…

There’s always a but….

They just don’t have that “gut feeling” about the person, that innate confidence that whatever challenges are thrown their way, they’ll figure it out.

A great example of this was a client I worked with who was having this exact issue. I solved it by thinking about what kind of person the employer was likely expecting. Is this a fast-paced job where they would want someone who looks like they have a lot of energy? Do I need someone who is more serious and analytical? Would I be looking for someone who is highly creative and innovative?

Then I get in my mind some of the mannerisms that would correspond to those qualities. The mannerisms are important because subconsciously they tell the employer if the words that are coming out of the candidate’s mouth correspond to who they are as a person.

In this case, the candidate was interviewing for a position as a CFO. However, his eye contact was pretty non-existent, which gave me the impression that he was a bit “shifty.” Not what a company would be looking for in a CFO. He had no idea his eye contact was so bad. Once I brought it to his attention and he fixed it, he got the offer.

You need to show not only through your words, but through your attitude that you’re the type of person they can trust and rely on.  If you’re getting that bridesmaid/bride scenario one too many times, find a coach or work with a trusted friend who will set you straight on the changes you need to make.

By Melanie Szlucha, Redinc, LLC. www.redincllc.com

Melanie Szlucha has been a hiring manager for over 10 years. She founded RedInc, LLC to help job seekers by writing effective resumes and coaching them through job interviews. She is available to teach classes as well as work with individual clients improve their results at any phase of the job search process. Find out more at www.redincllc.com

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