August 23, 2023

7 Advantages Of Using Retained Search Recruitment

Many businesses struggle to find the best people to fill high-level positions. That's why they are turning to retained search recruitment. This is when they hire a specialized firm to help them find and hire the best people for the job. Retained search recruitment uses special skills, connections, and tools to find the most qualified candidates.

JK Executive Strategies explores seven benefits of using retained search recruitment, from finding better candidates to saving time and money in the hiring process.

1. Finds People With Unique Skills

One benefit of retained search recruitment is that it enables the exploration of potential candidates who are currently employed, thus widening the pool of individuals available and improving the likelihood of identifying someone possessing the precise and distinctive skill sets required for the specific niche position.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Poor Hires

Retained search is centered around ensuringhigh-quality results. This typically involves collaborating with top-tierrecruiters who have a track record of exceptional performance. Since it isimperative to secure the right candidate for a critical position, retainedsearch recruitment minimizes the possibility of making an inadequate hiringdecision, thus increasing confidence and certainty levels.

3. Finds The Most Qualified Candidates

Retained search instills a sense of assurance by ensuring that candidates undergo rigorous screening processes, including comprehensive background and reference checks. This approach assures that only the most genuinely qualified candidates, who are not only skilled but also align with the company's culture, are presented.

4. A More Proactive Approach

Retained search recruitment adopts a proactiveapproach that encompasses individuals who are not actively looking for a newjob. This widens the scope of potential candidates beyond those merely found ina database, those who have responded to job ads, or those who have expressedinterest in the position.

5. Seeks Specific Candidates

With retained search, there's an opportunityfor a more tailored search process for roles that are typically highlyspecific. This isn't a generic method, but instead, the recruiter invests moreeffort into comprehending the essential traits required in the ideal candidate.

6. Increased Communication

Recruiters who offer retained searchrecruitment services are likely to provide you with more comprehensiveinformation throughout the recruitment process. This information may includemarket intelligence, which pertains to the current job market conditions andthe availability of candidates with particular skills or expertise. They cangive you insights into the competitive landscape for the position you're hiringfor, such as what other companies are offering in terms of salaries, benefits,and other incentives.

7. Saves Time And Money

In simple terms, many companies lack the necessary time and resources to find the most qualified senior-level candidates on their own. By partnering with a retained search recruitment firm, they can save both time and money, since the recruitment process is likely to be completed more efficiently than trying to manage it in-house.

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