The Importance of Company Culture

One of the most critical differentiators for an organization is its culture. Establishing a strong culture drives employment fulfillment, resulting in customer satisfaction. With our most recent experience with COVID-19, companies faced a shift in the work environment, and executives now have the opportunity to create or improve the company's culture. But with the pandemic still ongoing, how do executive leaders sustain and strengthen the workplace culture?

This past year, we have seen living rooms turned into classrooms, and kitchen countertops turned into desks. As our nation continues to navigate the pandemic, the workplace will evolve, and a company's culture should contain these key components: flexibility and transparency. Mercer, a management company, reports over 83% of organizations will continue workplace flexibility at a greater scale post-pandemic. From adapting virtual teams to changing business hours to accommodate individuals, companies have become transparent about operations and flexible to support their employees. When executives and managers cultivate and implement these best practices to build a culture, it will drive growth and empower employees, resulting in a more productive work environment. Additionally, recognizing a company's culture's internal and external identity can assist recruiters or human resource professionals in attracting and retaining employees.

While companies are experiencing this unique time to conduct business, executives are taking the time to strengthen the workplace culture by focusing on these values. By cultivating and putting these core protocols into practice, simultaneously, employees' performance and well-being increase. Employees, inspired by the work culture, become advocates resulting in satisfied clients and overall company success.  

Jill Knittel, President of JK Executive Strategies, provides a webinar that explores the evolution of transparency in leadership, company culture and explains how it has impacted the way executives lead their organizations. To learn more or schedule this presentation for your leadership team, feel free to contact us at(585) 417-9690.

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