February 14, 2022

How to Fall in Love with Your Job this Valentine’s Day

Is there any such thing as the perfect job? If you are one of the many people working a job that doesn’t feel like your “dream job,” there are ways to make your current position more fulfilling. Sometimes people can be quick to search for a job when they are feeling unhappy, but there are ways to alter your experience while remaining in your role.


 With the amount of time we spend working and with co-workers, creating a healthy relationship is essential. Here are some ways to fall in love with your job or know when you should look elsewhere.

Balance Your Buckets

Most people are not able to obtain a job that completely fulfills them in their life. If there is something that is important to you personally, but you cannot work on in your job, find a way to work on it outside of work. If you love animals, volunteer at a shelter, or join a board. Talk with your supervisor or HR Director to work out accommodations if you need time to be able to work on other interests outside of the office.

If you believe that you have outgrown your position and are ready for new challenges, there could be other positions or a path to a higher position your workplace can establish with you.

Everyone has a set of passions or “buckets” that give their life meaning. Attempting to fill all your buckets is a great way to ensure you are content in your professional life.  

Negotiate Where Possible

If there is something about your current benefits, pay, or work schedule that are not aligning with your needs, discussing opportunities with supervisors can be helpful. Your boss is not your enemy and wants you to be successful in your position. Not all requests will be attainable, but compromises can be made in these circumstances.

Many workplaces have grown accustomed to negotiating with employees during the pandemic. More employees are working remotely or in a hybrid schedule than ever before and new systems have been forged to make these adaptations successful.

If you are feeling nervous about making requests or speaking with a supervisor on these issues, find out who else you can speak to within your network. Your human resources department can be a great place to start the process and begin the conversation with the right people.

Know When to Call it Quits

While there are many ways to work with your employer to make your job as perfect as it can be, there are times where it is best to leave. If there are conflicting ethical or moral issues you experience within your job, this is an understandable reason to search for other opportunities.

If there is no room for growth in your workplace or you are unable to negotiate or compromise on key items that are important to you, this can also be a good reason to leave.

Since the pandemic, the American job market has witnessed a Great Resignation, with millions of people leaving and searching for new jobs. Finding the right job for you is important, but it can be easy to forget what your current position and workplace can offer you. Communication and building strong professional relationships can be the key to falling in love with your job.

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