Nonprofit Division

Values and Guiding Principles

At JK Executive Strategies, our Nonprofit Division is committed to the following values, core ideals and guiding principles:

  • We’re honest, we value open two-way communication, and we listen.
  • We do the right thing—even when it’s the hardest thing, and we have the highest regard for integrity.
  • We’re genuine. What you see is what you get.
  • We partner with clients who value what we value and have a strong desire for maximizing their organization’s potential.
  • We believe deeply in the power of communities and when nonprofits are working at their highest level, communities thrive.
  • Relationships are essential to us.  It’s critical for the work we do, and we strive to build strong relationships with the clients we partner with.  
  • We have personality which means we’re not only committed to our work, but we know how to laugh⁠—oftentimes at ourselves—and have FUN!
  • It is our goal to go above and beyond and deliver more than is expected. We go the extra mile and we’ve got the shoes to prove it!

For Your Board

It has been proven that in addition to an effective executive, effective board governance is imperative to the success, long-term sustainability and impact of nonprofit organizations. We recognize the valuable contributions that boards can make, understand that board education and development opportunities are limited, and that board members and the organizations they lead, benefit from professional development and peer interaction. Our approach helps boards create lasting, adaptive change.

We work with individual organizations, their boards, and professional leaders, in a variety of ways, including:

Facilitation and Action Planning
Governance Approach & Practices
Development of Tools and Resources
Executive Leadership Evaluation and Assessment
Fund Development/Philanthropy ConsultationServices
Interim CEO Leadership
New CEO Onboarding/Coaching

Our Team

We find, evaluate and place candidates in critical roles through a proven search process.

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