March 24, 2022

The Importance of Female Mentorship for Women in the Workplace

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect not only on the significant women that contribute to our lives in incredible ways, but it is also a time to consider how the relationships with women on every level – including on the corporate scale- impact the success of young girls and other women. In order to continue paving a path for success for the younger generation, female mentorship is critical to promote growth among young female workers. 

What is the basis of a female mentorship?

Female mentorship describes a professional relationship between a woman in a senior position within a company and an entry or junior level worker that supports a path to success. Mentorship does not necessarily mean training the junior employee but acting as a resource that they can rely on and look up to as the junior employee begins to find their footing in their position and their career. 

Why is female mentorship important? 

When young women are able to see and learn from successful women in higher positions, they are more likely to believe that same path of success is possible for them. With a female mentor, young women can learn how to thrive and grow in their environment and know that their goals are achievable. On the other hand, regularly engaging with young staff members can help senior leaders to understand changes and innovations available to improve work functions. The best mentorship relationships involve the sharing of guidance and wisdom in a way that’s mutually beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee.

How can you begin practicing female mentorship at your workplace?

Some new employees may naturally seek out a mentor in a co-worker that is inspiring to them. However, some workplaces have incorporated mentorship into their regular work rhythm. This involves pairing up employees with complementary skills and personalities and encouraging them to meet on a regular basis. Meetings can include discussing the mentees future professional goals and the strategies to achieve them, ways to engage with local professional and non-profit organizations, recommended trainings to enhance skillset, and more. 

How can female mentorship help workplace culture? 

If paired correctly, a mentorship will allow both the mentor and the mentee to grow together. A formal mentorship program should be implemented to create defined advisors in your workplace for employees to rely on when they are in need of support.   

Mentoring creates a collaborative environment and a steady path of professional development within your company, encouraging young workers to work towards promotions and bettering themselves to reach their full potential. 

With more female mentorship, more workplaces will achieve a diversified team that is open-minded and better fit for a future in leadership positions. In celebration of Women’s History Month, our Vice President of Operations and Executive Search Eileen Messana shares a little more about female mentorship and its role at JK Exec. 

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